Add-on DEI Muffler Shield Now Available for Yamaha® Golf Carts

Add-on DEI Muffler Shield for Yamaha® Golf CartsThe Yamaha® G Series golf carts are one of the most popular cart models available today. Its durability and function makes it a favorite for retirement communities, campgrounds, and golf courses across the country.

The one complaint of this model is that when driving or idling in warm conditions, the muffler which is compactly located directly under the driver’s seat generates a lot of heat which in turn can make for an uncomfortable ride.

DEI, the country’s leading heat and sound control specialist, now offers a wrap-around muffler shield kit that provides an extra layer of cooling protection. The shield helps to contain the excess heat by reducing direct and radiant heat from the muffler allowing for a more comfortable ride experience. In addition to keeping the seat cooler, the DEI muffler shield also suppresses sound and vibration, resulting in both a cooler and quieter cart.

Installation is easy with basic hand tools and can be performed with the muffler still on the vehicle.

Product: Muffler Heat Shield for Yamaha® Golf Carts
Part number: 902480
Fitment: 2015+ Yamaha G29 Cart or any model using the JW8-E4710-01-00 muffler
MSRP: $39.95
Availability: Now

Contact:, or your local DEI Powersports dealer.

Add-on DEI Muffler Shield for Yamaha® Golf Carts

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