Another Happy Customer

V-Rod with Custom Exhaust and no heat protection

As Hannibal from the A-Team likes to say: "I love it when a plan comes together." Recently, a customer called with a heavily modified V-Rod looking for some help. He had moved the foot controls backward for a more sporting riding position, but this put his leg in close proximity to the beautiful Akrapovic exhaust pipe. The customer informed me that he couldn't ride for very long, as the heat coming from the rear header became unbearable on his leg. The pipe is custom, so there wasn't really a specific shield available for the rear header. Compounding this factor, he lives in Florida and it gets a little warm down there.

V-Rod with Custom Exhaust and ONYX Shield

Looking at the area I had to work with, I recommended our award winning ONYX Series Black Heat Shield. It looks great on this application and really cuts the heat down. The customer called back to report enthusiastically he couldn't (F-Bomb) believe how much of a difference it made. Mission Accomplished. He can now ride longer and more comfortably in the nice Florida sun