The Common Thread

So, I was reminded on Sunday of how two wheels can bring people together like few other activities in life can. I decided to pull myself away from a very compelling football game in favor of a late afternoon jaunt into the Ohio countryside. The weather in the Midwest has been phenomenal, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't maximize the opportunity to put in some mileage. (Especially come December) So taking off at a lazy pace, I wandered along and watched the afternoon sun start to fade against the rows of beans and corn. My stomach soon reminded me that it was dinner time so I turned in for home.
Not knowing exactly where I was, I soon found myself on the south side of town in a decidedly working class neighborhood. Pulling up a the stop light I was flanked by a rider from completely different riding spectrum. His steed was a ZX-11, with gold wheels, adorned with pointy billet pieces and a extended swingarm. He was sporting a his leather chapter vest, Colonel Klink helmet, and yellow riding glasses. He looked over at me in my padded ADV riding jacket, one legging my tall, not-sporty-looking Adventure bike and a funny thing happened. We both simultaneously broke into wide grins and gave each other a big thumbs up. For an instant two opposite ends of the riding spectrum came together recognizing the day for what it was – a great day to ride.
It was totally spontaneous, and it was a great reminder that the passion for motorcycles is common thread that can quickly transcend barriers of race, background, languages, and culture.

Happy riding, and remember: two wheels = passion, no matter which two wheels you're on.