A welcome distraction and a bright future

Austin Martin Orginals 1981 Yamaha XS400Between snowmobiles, Timbersleds, and spike tire ice racing, winter is just a different set of toys for some of us. For others, it's a time to hibernate and dream about the first ride of spring. Helping to foster those dreamy thoughts and to take our minds off of the next winter storm: The International Motorcycle Shows.

This traveling panacea of Powersports delight was in town this past weekend and featured several shiny attractions. I am pleased to report, after several years of "refinements" and BNG's, nearly every OEM had some seriously new hardware to display. In this post-Great Recession economy, the bike makers are under more pressure than ever to deliver high-quality attractive offerings at the best possible price point.
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The Common Thread

Seat StitchingSo, I was reminded on Sunday of how two wheels can bring people together like few other activities in life can. I decided to pull myself away from a very compelling football game in favor of a late afternoon jaunt into the Ohio countryside. The weather in the Midwest has been phenomenal, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't maximize the opportunity to put in some mileage. (Especially come December) So taking off at a lazy pace, I wandered along and watched the afternoon sun start to fade against the rows of beans and corn. My stomach soon reminded me that it was dinner time so I turned in for home.

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Some not-so-secret ways to boost the resale of your used bike

Craigslist is a haven for used bike finds Maybe you have one bike too many and your wife has threatened mutiny, or maybe junior is preparing to leave for college and you have realized things got really expensive since you were in school. Whatever your reason, it’s time to sell your trusted steed. I have compiled a list of some collective wisdom to get the most out of your used bike. Most this is common sense, but I have looked at and or purchased enough motorcycles in my life to know these situations are the exception, not the norm.

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DEI Under-tank Heat Reflection Kits Now Available

DEI Under-tank Heat Reflection Kits Now AvailableHot fuel reduces engine performance, stresses the fuel pump, and can lead to vapor lock. High fuel temperatures can also cause race fuel to destabilize, gumming up the fuel system and wasting money. DEI has come up with an effective kit to help combat this problem. Simply line the underside of your fuel tank with the self-adhesive reflective material and trim to shape.

The DEI Reflect-A-Cool™ material is made up of a reflective aluminized reflective foil backed with a base layer of glass fiber. It’s rated to withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 400°F and can reduce fuel temps up to 30%. The DEI Reflect-A-GOLD™ material is designed for more extreme heat conditions and is rated for operating temps up to 600°F with peak protection up to 800°F.

DEI Teams up with Woodstock HD for IMS Build

DEI Teams up with Woodstock HD for IMS BuildThe Progressive Insurance International Motorcycle Shows recently made its way to the “Windy City” showing off the latest offerings from all the major OEM’s. As a part of the show, local dealers are also invited to showcase customized bikes, stoking the customer’s imagination on what is possible. With this in mind, Mike Witt and the crew over at Woodstock Harley Davidson Performance division saw an opportunity to showcase their skills and got to work. The build started with a stock 2014 Street Glide, but this exercise wasn’t about slapping on some paint and a slip-on exhaust. This bike is made for show…and go. They installed a complete Woodstock devised 107CI Engine Performance Package along with Xtreme True Duals from Reinhart Exhaust. The result is a tire melting 131HP with 118Ftlbs of torque.